The University of Tokyo
Professor, Information Technology Center

Hiroshi    NAKAGAWA

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Graduate Schools


o    1975: Graduated from The University of Tokyo (Electric Engineering Dept)

o    1980: Graduated from Gradudate School, The University of Tokyo

o    1980: Assistant Prof. Yokohama National University, Inforamtion Engineering Dept.

o    1990-1991: Visiting researcher at CSLI, Stanford University

o    1995: Prof. Yokohama National University, Electronics and Computer Engineering Dept.

o    1999: Prof. The University of Tokyo, Information Technology Center


Research Field

o    Statistical Machine Learning

  Online Learning

  Learning based on Bayesian Statistics

  Privacy Preserving Data Mining

  Knowledge Mining from Web and corpus

o    Information Retrieval

  Automatic extraction of Katakana variants

  Automatic term recognition
especially domain specific terminologies from domain specific corpus


o    Publications

o    Multi language usage consultation system: Kiwi

o    Automatic Term Extraction System: Gensen Web

o    Disambiguation of Person Name Search Results:NAYOSE
nakagawa ( @ is substituded here)>
Information technology Center, in University Library, The University of Tokyo, 7-3-1, Hongou, Bunkyo, Tokyo, Zip-code 113-0033, JAPAN